A Walk in the Woods is Good for Your Health

Multi-trunk tree in the woods at 30 Timber Road B&BAs we all become more and more “connected” and attached to our phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, and tablets we really need to “unplug,” relax, and “bathe in the forest.” The Japanese people have developed an overall preventive health practice called “Shinrin-yoku“. The term literally means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.”  It  developed in the 1980s and has become more widely known as one of the best methods to de-stress, lower your blood pressure, and just be more healthy. 

The steps or instructions for “forest bathing” are very simple. Visit a natural area (like the woods at 30 Timber Road Bed & Breakfast), leave your phone and camera behind, walk in a relaxed way (just take a stroll), breathe, and open your senses to the sites, sounds, and smells of the forest. The point is not for exercise and it’s not to be thought of as a hike. This is sheer relaxation and opening your eyes to see the interesting colors as the light filters through the leaves the tress. The point is also to listen for the sounds of the rustling leaves and perhaps the animals who live in the wild. A trail (covered with wood chips) through the woods at 30 Timber Road B&B.

Time recently published an article by Dr. Qing Li author of Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness. Dr. Li says that it does not matter how fit or unfit you may be. Just relax in the forest – all you need are trees. Another resource in the exploration of forest bathing is written by M. Amos Clifford and titled Your Guide to Forest Bathing: Experience the Healing Power of Nature. This author has a theory that “as a society we suffer from nature deficit disorder.” Nature deficit disorder can be cured by just spending more time outside in a natural setting.

We want to help you become a bit more healthy by providing a place for you to experience forest bathing. We even provide small seating areas for you to stop and listen to the breeze in the leaves or catch the scent of the pine Trail in the woods with two stump seats for stopping and resting in the woods.tree nearby. Now is the time and this is a great place to relax into forest. Our rooms are really relaxing and pampering too. Make a reservation now and enjoy a walk in the woods at 30 Timber Road B&B.