Moving furniture and making changes at 30 Timber Road B&B

Our new “little” B&B has now been open for five years. When we designed the changes and remodeled this house, we were very pleased with how everything turned-out.  After four years, we are ready to make a few “refreshes” and additions. It is our hope that our guests will enjoy the changes and appreciate the additional conveniences.

In my most recent blog, I explained the additional convenience of the new guest laundry. The washer and dryer are not large but they can “do the job” for small loads of laundry.

Within the past week we moved furniture in the Oak Room. Prior to the furniture-moving work, the room was set-up with the love seat facing the fireplace. That was great for dreaming by the fire, but not so good if you wanted to watch TV. We moved the bed back to my original idea of having the headboard at the west wall (between the windows). Now you can watch TV from the bed or from a wingback chair placed in the northwest corner of the room.  Since the chair is located beside the nightstand, there is also plenty of light for reading. We modified the bed by removing the huge posts at the foot end of the bed – so that your view of the TV would not be obstructed.  

Alas, the loveseat is gone and has been replaced with a second wingback chair. In the typical 2-person guest situation, both visitors have a comfortable chair for reading.  The small spinet desk is under the TV and of course has a multi-outlet plug that includes USB charging ports too.  The dresser is against the south wall of the room. 

These moves allowed us to open the window in the south wall too – making the room brighter and “airier”. 

The overall effect or outcome is that the room seems much bigger!  If you practice yoga, there is plenty of space in the room for that! If you bring lots of luggage, there is floor space in addition to the two luggage racks for all your “stuff”. If you just don’t like that “crowded” feeling, the Oak Room will allow to feel like you have plenty of space to move around.

King size bed in The Oak Room at 30 Timber Road B&B in Mechanicsburg, PASorry that I don’t have a really good camera or all the lighting that professional photographers use, but here is a photo from the entrance to the room. The room still has the microwave and small refrigerator. We also added a 5-peg coat rack so there a bit more space to hang a coat or one of our signature robes.

Double sinks in the Oak Room's ensuite bathroomThe ensuite bathroom has not changed. You can still soak in the huge whirlpool tub or enjoy the multi-headed four-foot shower. The double sinks mean you don’t have to share!

Come visit us and try out the “new” Oak Room – or any of our spacious guest rooms at 30Timber Road B&B.